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7 Habits of Success for Race Performance and Improvements in Fitness

Have you ever wondered how some athletes post great race results time after time? Or, how is it that some people make changes in their fitness and weight and stick with a healthier way of living? During my years of racing as an elite triathlete, there were some stretches¬†where my race results were as ever changing as a roller coaster ride. I would frequently ask myself the question posed above. After several years of racing, and now several years of […]


Our bodies are built to move. We have muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments which along with our brain, give us the gift of movement. Here’s the thing; We need to move in order to keep our hearts strong and develop a vast, vascular network. We need to move through a range of planes of motion to lubricate our joints and be able to complete tasks that might put us in functionally, challenging positions, such as moving a large and odd […]