We will take you on some of our favorite rides here in Western, Massachusetts.  For those that love wine, we will include a ride to our local winery (Black Birch Vineyards).  Let’s not forget about our  Bike to Brunch Ride to Elmer’s for those that want to work for their meal with some hill climbing. We can also aim for the less epic climbing routes and finish with brunch at The Snackbar in Williamsburg or The Strawbale Cafe as our brunch destination for those that would prefer a ride with fewer epic hill climbs!  Each day will either commence or end with a 60 min restorative yoga session.

Are you an athlete looking to give your cycling fitness, endurance and strength a big boost? We can customize this retreat so the focus is all about putting in some miles here on the hills of Western, MA!


2 nights/2 days: $575 per person (for example, arrive on a Friday afternoon and depart on a Sunday afternoon). 

Single Day/No overnight stay: $300 per person per day.

*Minimum of 2 and maximum of 4 individuals   

Your overnight stay includes;