Clinics & Retreats

Village Hill Retreats and Training Camps

Coming in 2019!

Private weekend retreats for the active lifestyle enthusiast! 

Private, coached training weekends for those looking for the edge in their performance!

RETREATS OFFERED (2-4 individuals)


Get ready to race your best!  Whether it’s working on skills or the need to put in some big “coachmartha prescribed workout days,” you’ll leave ready to rock the distance!  


We will take you on some of our favorite rides (flat or hilly – it’s up to you) with some of the best scenery in Western, Massachusetts.  For those that love wine, we will include a “Ride and Whine” tour to our local winery (Black Birch Vineyards).  Let’s not forget about our  Bike to Brunch Ride to Elmer’s for those that want to work for it with some hill climbing. Not to worry, we can hit The Snackbar in Williamsburg as our brunch destination for those that would prefer a ride with fewer hills!  Each morning will commence with a gentle, 45 min yoga session.


If you love being in nature and enjoy walking trails – this one’s for you! We will start each day with a shorter hike, which may include the gorgeous Chesterfield Gorge Trail or a trip up to Pony Mountain at Chapel Brook!  Afternoon hikes will be slightly longer. One of our favorites is the somewhat challenging but lovely hike up Skinner State Park Summit House (it is worth the views)! Not up for two hikes in one day? No worries, we cater to what feels like enough for you!


2018 Toast Your Buns Off Fall Run Series

Check it out HERE!


I’m Worth It – Women’s Walk, Run and Yoga Retreat (2016-2017)

Join us for our three day Retreat at the Guesthouse Retreat Center in Chester, CT during a crisp, fall foliage weekend! Imagine spending your time each day with a  guided walk along peaceful state park trails and roads, practicing gentle yoga, enjoying three healthy meals, sitting by an evening bonfire, listening to talks on the importance of making choices that nurture your body and spirit. Share in brief, silent meditation and gratitude sessions and take time to simply relax and get away from the fast pace and noise of the outside world. We also offer guided JOGS if you prefer. This is a perfect Retreat for friends, sisters, mothers and daughters or just yourself. Aren’t you worth it?



Past Clinics and Talks

THRIVE! Creating and honoring values and practices that foster personal empowerment.


Getting a Grip on Fueling and Hydration for Optimal Performance and Recovery

There’s more to setting yourself up for a great race day than the training piece alone. Consistent quality sleep, refinement of technique, positive imagery, nutritional timing and choice all play a role in allowing you to give your best on race or key workout days. This discussion will focus on the nutritional piece.

Topics will include:

  • Understanding the importance and role of various forms of carbohydrates as well as the timing of consumption for pre workout, workout and post workout fuel.
  • Carbohydrate store maintenance and its relationship to performance and a healthy immune system.
  • How to increase the use of stored fat for fuel during exercise.
  • Recovery fuel – the best combination for optimal recovery.
  • Optimal hydration planning – how to avoid the disastrous experiences of bloated gut, vomiting and cramping.

Triathlon 101 – Preparing for your first triathlon

This clinic will cover all the basic information you need to know to be prepared for your first triathlon. Topics include:

  • Equipment needs
  • What to wear
  • Key swim, bike and run workout progressions
  • Fueling for your race

Bike ClinicLearn to Love Your Bike

Basic things you need to know about correct bike fit.

  • Tips on how to solve minor snafus that can go wrong on a bike ride
  • How to change a tire
  • Review of “must do” indoor cycling drills

I’ve Tri’d Now What?

  • Off Season Training Suggestions
  • Thinking ahead, phases of training
  • Key Strength Exercises for Triathletes

Running Skills and Drill Clinic

  • Correct Running Form
  • What to look for and how to visualize it
  • Warm-up and Movement Preparation Drills for High Quality and Easy Runs
  • Run Training Suggestions and Tips to Avoid Injury and Perform at Your Best

Dynamic TrainingSwimming Skills for the Beginner and Intermediate
This clinic will focus on a variation of drills for balance, buoyancy, rotation, and a streamline body position.  You will leave with a series of drills to practice on your own and help to increase your swimming efficiency!

Triathlon Transition Clinic
Learn the in’s and out’s of being organized and prepared for the swim to bike and bike to run transition.