Clinics & Retreats


Saturday, October 12th, 2019 from 8:00am-9:30am

Florence Recreational Fields, Florence, MA

Fee and registration information can be found HERE.


“I learned a ton and was able to see a transformation in my peers and myself. A terrific boost with Nationals coming up in November!” – Grace

“Martha, I had a blast and learned so much. Looking forward to my run tomorrow.” – Debbie






Have you ever started cycling up a hill only to bog down, lose your rhythm, fry your legs, drop your chain or simply struggle to find just the right gear?   During this session, riders will learn the most efficient technique for hill climbing as well as how to smoothly move into the most efficient gear and cadence.


“Thanks!  I was able to apply this at the Greenfield tri and felt more confident and comfortable taking the hills.”  – Yosh

” Made it up North Farms better than I ever have this morning! I kept my pace up which helped it go by easier and I stayed more relaxed.” – Jamie







October 24-27, 2019 (3 nights) – REGISTRATION IS OPEN!

Your choice to Walk or Run the Trails! See more about information and registration HERE.

Join us at the peak of the New England foliage season at the cozy Guest House Retreat Center in Chester Connecticut.  Imagine spending your time each day being led through a guided hike or run along peaceful state park trails, practicing gentle morning and afternoon Yoga or mat Pilates, and enjoying three AMAZING meals!  Wine will be served with each meal for those who enjoy. We will also include an afternoon activity that will challenge you to reflect upon and share what “living authentically” means for you.  The weekend would not be complete without our trip into the quaint town of Chester to browse  or shop before returning for dinner and a gathering around a brilliant bonfire!

Take time to simply relax and get away from the hurried pace of life! Reconnect with yourself and feel what it’s like to be completely present. This is the perfect getaway for friends, sisters, mothers and daughters (21 years or older) or just yourself. Our goal is for you to leave feeling invigorated and completely centered.

I’m Worth It – Women’s Walk, Run and Yoga Retreat (2016-2017)

Past Clinics and Talks


Creating and honoring values and practices that foster personal empowerment.


Getting a Grip on Fueling and Hydration for Optimal Performance and Recovery

There’s more to setting yourself up for a great race day than the training piece alone. Consistent quality sleep, refinement of technique, positive imagery, nutritional timing and choice all play a role in allowing you to give your best on race or key workout days. This discussion will focus on the nutritional piece.

Triathlon 101 – Preparing for your first triathlon

This clinic covered all the basic information participants needed to know in order to be prepared for their first triathlon.

Learn to love your bike!

Tips and skills on how to fix minor snafus that can go wrong with gears and when shifting. Review of “must do” indoor cycling drills.

Run relaxed, run fast!

  • Correct Running Form – What to look for and how to visualize it
  • Warm-up and movement preparation exercises
  • Run training tips to help avoid injuries.

Swimming skills for the beginner and intermediate swimmer/triathlete

This clinic focused on a variation of drills for balance, buoyancy, rotation, and a streamline body position.  Participants left with a series of drills to practice on their own to increase swim efficiency!