Coaching Services

Please Contact Martha for her coaching rates and availability.


Healthy Lifestyle Program
This type of coaching is for individuals who are looking to make their overall health a priority in their lives and need help in creating a path that often feels daunting and overwhelming.  Martha works intensively with the client in reviewing health assessment numbers, establishing a path of mini fitness and health goals  as well as strategies to eliminate behavior and habit patterns that have  road blocked any previous attempts. The overall goal of this type of programming is to guide the client toward greater autonomy in living a healthy, active lifestyle.

Complete Triathlon, Run or Cycle Coaching
This is the best route for making serious performance improvements or making a strong commitment to getting to the start and finish line of your first event. Martha will provide you with a very detailed training plan specifically for you that is emailed every four weeks and consists of a four week training block.  This format allows for ongoing e-mail and phone communication as well as supplemental videos for core strength and flexibility improvements and maintenance. Martha will also discuss with you and guide you toward an optimal fueling and hydrating protocol for training and racing. Use of Martha’s custom training log along with her review is also included as a part of this coaching service.


This is for individuals who are looking for a general training plan in preparation for an event or simply want a structured fitness plan. All consults are 1 hour and can be done via the telephone, skype or in person for those who live locally, in Martha’s community. This type of coaching format is great for those who may be simply looking for input and advice regarding modifications to their current training regimen. For example, perhaps you feel you are not getting faster or have hit a plateau in your performances. Martha will explore solutions to help you make a break through in your fitness or performance. There is no communication with Martha in-between consult sessions, nor is there use of or review of a training log.

General Training and Race Day Nutrition Consult

Are you unsure about what, when or how much to eat or drink before, during and after a race or training session? Are you having problems with sustaining your energy during a long training or racing event? Are you confused about what nutritional protocol works for you? We will review your current eating and hydration patterns and discuss a plan to help you prepare and recover from training sessions or racing events.


Run Session
You will be video taped running at various speeds. We will review and discuss your video session together and I will apply a series of specific drills that focus on your needs for improvement.

Cycling Session
Technique sessions are offered for skills and cycling confidence. Examples include; smooth gear shifting, riding in a straight line, riding in a paceline, hill climbing, descending, cornering.

Swim Session
You will spend 30-35 minutes of time in the water and 15-20 minutes outside of the water reviewing your swim technique homework.

Triathlon Transition Session
This session is for those looking improve triathlon transition times or who need help in organizing and understanding the flow of triathlon transitions.


Coached Session: I will take you through an assessment, calculate your training zones and then discuss with you how to use each of those zones.

Self-Test: I will e-mail you a personal assessment, you put yourself through the test (or find a buddy to help you), send me the results and I will follow up with an e-mail that provides you with your training zones as well as a brief description of each.