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Now What?

As an athlete, this is a time of uncertainty with regard to what to do and where to go with all of your racing event goals that  you had on your calendar for this summer.  Let’s sprinkle in a bit of disappointment and a touch hope into the mix. I’m a coach so I too, am working through the navigation process. You may have had an injury that set you back in the past, or perhaps other obligations that may […]

Training Your Mental Perspective

You’ve put in months of training for your biggest racing event of the season. You’ve been consistent and committed to a progression, have taken some lessons to improve your skills and feel ready to step to the line and put those months of training to the test! Race morning arrives and your alarm sounds at an hour when most of the world is still in the REM mode of sleep.  You turn on the light, swing your legs over edge of […]


My house sits at the top section of a very steep hill. “Steep” is an understatement. I’ve heard bikers uttering swear words as they grind up it in the easiest gear that they can muster – eyes fixated down so not to see what’s coming. I’ve witnessed walkers pause and sigh in unison at the halfway point.  Coincidentally, or perhaps conveniently, there is a cemetery that sits right along that steepest segment of the hill, just in case one needs […]


Entering into a new year offers the opportunity to mentally reset and refocus on creating routines, habits and situations that server our spirit, body and mind in ways that can allow us to feel good about ourselves and thrive. Sometimes this means challenging yourself to try new things or to switch up a routine that has you feeling stale in mind and body.  As a coach, I am often working to problem solve with athletes as to how we can […]

My Affair with Sveta

If a picture paints a thousand words, you can probably tell that the words going through my head in this one included, “this sucks.”   The photo was taken during the last mile of the 1995 St. Croix Triathlon.  I vaguely recall finishing pretty far back among the pro women, perhaps in 10th  place.  Frankly, I’m amazed that I finished considering the fact that I was up all night sitting by a pool in a lounge chair. I witnessed the sunset […]


This picture was taken of me back in the late 90’s as I had just started the bike leg of the US National Pro Championships race in Michigan. My thought as I was slipping my feet into my cycling shoes was, “I’m way behind and alone – this is going to be rough.” I was well behind the leaders in 7th or 8th position and had 25 miles to make up some ground against equally fit women. My headset was […]

The Courage to Find and Wear My Big Girl Pants

Warning: I’m about to get real. I mean real in terms of my experiences and my thoughts. In order for me to write this blog, I had to dig. I had to get real with myself.  I had to expose what was really going on behind the curtain of my experiences.  What you see on the outside is most often never what’s going on the inside for most people.  Let’s admit that now.  We all, to some extent, walk around with […]

7 Habits of Success for Race Performance and Improvements in Fitness

Have you ever wondered how some athletes post great race results time after time? Or, how is it that some people make changes in their fitness and weight and stick with a healthier way of living? During my years of racing as an elite triathlete, there were some stretches where my race results were as ever changing as a roller coaster ride. I would frequently ask myself the question posed above. After several years of racing, and now several years of […]


Our bodies are built to move. We have muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments which along with our brain, give us the gift of movement. Here’s the thing; We need to move in order to keep our hearts strong and develop a vast, vascular network. We need to move through a range of planes of motion to lubricate our joints and be able to complete tasks that might put us in functionally, challenging positions, such as moving a large and odd […]

If You Can’t Stand The Heat – Beat it!

I have very few pictures of myself during my years of racing as a professional triathlete. I keep the ones that I have in shoe box in one of my closets and occasionally pull it out if I’m going to share a story about an experience. Although I have degrees and certifications in coaching, I am most fortunate to be able to “teach” others what they need to know simply because I’ve experienced what it feels like to train and […]